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From the perspective of our business a “Structure” is designed to organise and handle special purposes for individuals and corporations. In most cases a legal entity with a special purpose, in combination with selected services and control mechanisms, is at the centre of such a structure. Our structures are setup for Corporations, Private Individuals and Family Offices and can be used for various purposes and registered in a wide range of jurisdictions.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler”.  

Albert Einstein

Corporate Structures

Corporate Structures are designed to meet the requirements of international operating groups. These structures enable them to reduce tax liabilities, to organise company transactions in a secure environment or to handle asset holding issues. Our services include the setup of the relevant companies and provision of all services to ensure correct handling of administrative affairs.

  • Company Formation & Administration
  • Corporate Services & Legal Affairs
  • Transactional Services
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Structures
  • Director, Registered Offices & Secretarial Service

Private Structures

Private Structures are offered to High Net Worth Individuals. Our integrated services approach enables them to setup Trusts and Foundations, holding companies and other legal entities for private assets. Organising private assets, order of succession or charity commitments are typical reasons for establishing private structures. Besides the full-service administration, we offer a wide range of reporting services to provide a complete financial overview at any time.

  • Trusts, Foundation & Company Formation
  • Private Investments & Administration
  • Registered Offices
  • Trustee, Director & Secretarial Service

Pooled Wealth Structures

To pool an investment can be done either with a company, trust or via a fund structure. The obvious similarities between companies/trust and fund structures are, that both pool the money for a number of investors to accumulate a much larger amount of money, which can then be invested with both using an asset manager to decide, which assets to buy with the pooled money.

Carey covers the whole process to establish a pooled investment structure in all major international jurisdictions.

  • Project & Requirement Analysis
  • Wealth structuring Advice
  • Implementation Support
  • Controlling & Reporting

What are the benefits from Structures?

Along with the underlying objectives, structures can provide multiple benefits to their owners. In general, the benefits can be categorised as financial, legal or personal.

Financial benefits are mainly cost or tax savings by using internationally established procedures and attractive double tax treaties between various jurisdictions, for example domicile/resident
distinctions or Intellectual Property (IP) boxes.

An example for a legal benefit could be using legal protection afforded by certain jurisdictions with stable political environments and resilient legal frameworks for company transactions. Furthermore, the use of existing legal shelters for protecting property or ensuring a favoured succession plan are benefits from certain structures.

Personal benefits range from privacy and asset protection to a broad variety of family office services.